How to apply for the RM600 monthly financial assistance?

Wage Subsidy Program

What is Wage Subsidy Program?

This Wage Subsidy Program refers to a section in the revised stimulus package announced on March 16 where a RM600 monthly financial assistance is provided between periods of one to six months for employees.

Requirement and Condition

  • Employers who experienced revenue loss of more than 50% since 1 January 2020 can claim a sum of RM 600.00 per employee earning less than RM 4,000.00 per month and provided the employee is registered with and contributing to the Employment Insurance Scheme (EIS)
  • This subsidy is for three months from April 2020.
  • A condition of the subsidy is that employers cannot terminate any employees or undergo any salary reduction or leave deduction exercise

As an employer, you may apply for the subsidy if you are fulfilled the requirements and conditions. This can help you to release some financial burden due to Covid19.

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