Government Aid for Unpaid Leave during CoViD-19

Economic Action Council (EAC) had decided to provide financial assistance called Employment Retention Program (ERP). Employees who are forced to take unpaid leave by their employers who are economically affected by Covid-19 pandemic are eligible to apply this assistance. Employees will receive financial assistance amounting RM600 for each month for a maximum period of six months. This payment shall credit to the employer’s account and they are required to credit the payment directly to the affected employees’ accounts within seven (7) days upon receipt payment from SOCSO.

Condition to Apply:

  1. All private sector employees including temporary employees who have registered and are
    contributing to EIS (Employment Insurance System)
  2. Monthly salary of RM4,000 and below
  3. Employers who have implemented no-pay leave for a period of 1-6 months with the No-
    pay leave notice issued starting 1 st March 2020.

  • Employers must be made the application on behalf of their employees using Form ERPC-19
    with effect from 20 th March 2020.
  •  The completed forms should be email to
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